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How to Buy Diamond Jewellery - Considering the 4 C's


Who doesn't want a glittering piece of diamond jewellery around their neck, wrist, or hanging on their ears? Diamond jewellery becomes even more special when given as a ring to your special someone. If you're thinking about getting a diamond engagement ring for your soon-to-be-spouse, you should take the time to consider the factors of what makes a good diamond. Generally, there are four main characteristics you should take into consideration and these will all tell you how much a diamond is worth and how good its overall quality is.


1.  Clarity - This refers to the diamond's freedom from impurities. If you take a magnifying glass and take a peek into a diamond's body, you will find that some diamonds have impurities in the form of small colored spots or even bubbles inside. While these may not seem like much up close, it pays to keep in mind that any impurity will obstruct the light passing through a diamond and will thus cause a duller sparkle. Know more about women's wedding bands.


2.  Color - Diamonds can be colored, and the hue depends on what elements were present while the diamond was in its formative years. While colored diamonds might seem aesthetically appealing to some, the most expensive diamonds are those without color. This makes them glitter in the light even more and creates a crystal-like appearance that diamonds are known best for.


3.  Cut - If you thought that the cut of a diamond was for nothing other than its shape and for setting it into specific metals, you thought wrong. A diamond has to be precisely and professionally cut to make the most of its sparkle. When the facets of a diamond are created in a way that maximizes the passage of light, it become even more dazzling, and that's why you should pay attention to this often overlooked feature. A poorly cut diamond might be clear and colorless, but it still won't sparkle quite as well because of its shape. Know the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring in http://www.ehow.com/about_6613427_difference-between-engagement-wedding-rings.html.


4.  Carat - As with any other precious stone or precious metal, it's important that a diamond weighs enough in order to be classified as a high quality diamond. Of course, it's obvious to assume that heavier diamonds are more expensive and they're also much larger. But it also pays to keep in mind that a large single diamond isn't always the only option. Some diamonds are cut in such a way that they match together with other diamonds, making them look much bigger. These are called illusion diamonds, and although they're cheaper, they also appear quite as big as any other valuable diamond. Please check out http://simonwestjewellery.com/ if you have questions.